Skull and Crossbone Toaster: Arrrgh, we hunger for jam, and then it’s a trip to the poop deck


We wonder if it was something like this that helped aid those eBay sellers in creating Jesus faced toast. The Skull and Crossbone Toaster brings you the best in pirate themed bread products. Branding a toasty skull symbol on the side of your breakfast.

Isn’t a skull and crossbone the international sign for poison? Is that really something we want to etch onto our food? Despite the fear for our lives, the recent pirate enthusiasts are sure to have a ball. Even though the quote on the side of the toaster, “Sweet toast of mine”, leads us to believe there is a hidden Guns N Roses theme. So we guess the real question is, do LA metal heads enjoy a hearty breakfast? For 32.95EUR, you sure can. — Andrew Dobrow

Product Page [Tom Wet, via]

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  1. I want to buy this toaster…help


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