Six Phone Apps That Will Improve Your Driving

Six Phone Apps That Will Improve Your Driving

Careless driving can cause accidents that may lead to injuries and loss of life. According to any car accident attorney in South Carolina, when someone is careless behind the wheel, chaos and destruction can ensue. Among the things that can make you a reckless driver is using your phone while driving. Texting, making phone calls, and checking emails on your phone while driving can distract you, and you may cause an accident as a result.

While driving, your phone can be among the major distractors. But your phone can also help you when driving if you install various apps. 

Why Phone Apps Can Help You While Driving

Technology is improving driving in many ways. Phone apps can make your drive an enjoyable experience. Phone apps can significantly improve your diving because they can perform several functions depending on your commands and settings. Read on to learn about six phone apps that will improve your driving. 

1. Android Auto

Android Auto allows you to operate your phone and still drive safely at the same time. You can easily switch between GPS navigation, calls, messages, and media because Android Auto provides you with large buttons and a simplified interface. Android Auto is also compatible with other apps, which makes it easier to perform numerous functions.

It makes it even safer when using your phone while driving because Android Auto allows you to operate your phone through voice commands. You don’t have to look at your cell phone nor touch it while driving.   

2. AT&T’s DriveMode

While driving, people will inevitably call you, and then you have to send them a message telling them that you are driving. Replying to messages when driving, even very short ones, can lead to loss of control, and you may end up crashing. AT&T’s DriveMode app will help you because it silences all messages and phone calls and then sends replies to them notifying your callers that you are driving.

3. iOnRoad

iOnRoad app is free on both Android and iPhone. iOnRoad provides you various driving assistance functions like collision warnings and augmented driving when changing lanes. iOnRoad uses your phone camera and modern computer vision algorithm to perform its functions.

4. Waze

Waze is also another free app on your phone, wether Android or iPhone. If you are using Waze while driving, it can significantly save you both money and time. Waze informs you about the traffic situation on the roads and gives you options for less congested routes. If you decide on using Waze, you will end up saving money on fuel and time, as well.

You can get, an excellent app, on your phone at a cost. This superb app can read your texts and emails. You can then choose to respond to the texts and emails by your voice or set an automatic response on your phone. 

6. GasBuddy

Driving a vehicle comes with the need to fuel it. Fueling can be very costly at times and saving even a cent while fueling is great. GasBuddy is a great friend who ensures that you don’t overpay for gas because it can show you the cheapest gas stations around you. GasBuddy filters information based on the location of a gas station, prices, and brand. 

Drive Enjoyably

Phone apps can make your drive more enjoyable than ever before. Installing apps on your phone that help you drive even better while enjoying your ride is excellent. You can minimize the chances of causing accidents if you install and use phone apps on your phone. It is also cost-effective to use these apps because most of them are free.

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