A Simple Guide to Learn About Adobe Photoshop


Ever wanted to edit your photographs with high ended and ubiquitous graphic software but don’t know how to get all started with the software. This is the guide for all the absolute beginners on how to use Adobe Photoshop, the industry standard graphic software designed especially for graphic designers, photographers and other digital artists. Listed below are some tutorials that will help beginners to use this software.

Getting Started: This will give you an idea about the various terminologies used in the software. These terminologies can be found in Adobe Photoshop.

1. Toolbox:

Default position of this box is on the left side of the screen. It consists of a vast range of different essential tools. If not fully visible it can be scrolled down to get full access. Various tools with specialized functions are provided to work professionally. Various tools are mentioned as: The Marquee tool, The Move tool, The Lasso tool, The Quick Selection tool, The Crop tool, The Eyedropper tool, The Spot Healing Brush tool, The Brush tool, The Clone Stamp tool, The History Brush tool, The Eraser tool, The Gradient tool, The Smudge tool, The Dodge tool, The Pen tool, The Text tool, The Path Selection tool, The Shape tool, The 3D tool, The Camera tool, The Hand tool, The Zoom tool.

2. Main Menu:

Adjustment of image and changing filters of the image; all these options are included in this menu bar. This is placed at the top of the screen.

3. Options Bar:

This is the bar having various modification options when a particular tool is selected. Settings of the particular active tool can be adjusted and changed with the help of this options bar.

4. Dialog Box:

This is the popup box that appears whenever any change in filter or anything is selected. It consists of various options and different setting of the filter or any certain action that is selected at that time.

5. Document Window:

This is where multiples images or files and be accessed at the same time. It shows the actual image of the file that is being edited in the Adobe Photoshop.
Workspace in this software makes it easy to see things in panels provided. It allows us to set the panels the way you like. You can rename the Workspace and also save as a preset for the future use.

These basics will make things easy to understand and with little practice you will get used to the software interface which will allow you to edit images efficiently

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