ShuffleBud replaces your Shuffle’s pointless dock

ipod shuffle budIf you think that your new iPod Shuffle’s dock is a tad bit of overkill, you aren’t alone. The people at Incipio have released a clever little device that allows you to plug your Shuffle directly into your computer just as you do with a USB flash drive. The Icipio iPod Shufflebud is extremely simple, and it accomplishes a goal that seems to be a no-brainer. The Shufflebud supports full speed transfers and charges so you won’t notice a different between your dock and the Shufflebud. The Shufflebud is selling for a minescule $5.99 from Incipio. Whether you are going on a trip, or like to carry your Shuffle around don’t want to lug the dock, the Shufflebud seems a perfect addition to your growing collection of iPod accessories. And if you carry around a lanyard, you can attach the Shufflebud to it through the small hole on the device.

ipod shuffle bud

Nik Gomez

[via iLounge]

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