Shhh, it’s a hack! Download any MP3 on MySpace


MySpace is nothing but a money maker for its creators. Forget the social networking factor. It’s nothing but one large advertisement. Even bands are getting greedy on MySpace, making their music impossible to download. has figured out a way to make any MP3 download-friendly, and they provide us with a cool little online app to do so. Just type in a band name and the songs will be listed with Web 2.0 goodness. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. what about the quality?
    i’m afraid this is a big point missing.
    the mp3 you download seem to be of very poor quality

  2. I’m an Artist @ myspace, and what you write is the biggest b*s* ever. I have bills and I need food, I’m not earning big money, the earning is not even at cost price!!! Arschlöscher like you stops me to continue making music, because you are not willing to support artists like me with some small fees. Instead you call others to thievery!!!

  3. @immolation:

    You want to make money? Go play shows like a normal band does. Not post your music on the open for everyone internet.

  4. i am a faggot. 🙂

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