Sexy Star Wars Costumes: Chewbacca is Such a Bad Girl

I can fall in love with any girl that has a grasp of Star Wars trivia. It’s a weakness of mine. Unfortunately (but fortunately for her), this model is not one of those woman. For one, Darth Vader never, ever would be caught dead using a blaster. And what the hell is that disgustingly smooth, hairless and perfectly tanned stuff between the Wookiee fur? Gross. Cover that shit up.

Sure, these Star Wars costumes are sexy enough, but their total lack of canon credibility just ruins it for me. That being said, I’d totally hit that… with my lightsaber! And then sleep inside of it for warmth. I’d take Star Wars burlesque any day.

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  1. What the heck? This looks like a fur coat, not chewbacca. Lol, sorry but the makers of this need to go back to the drawing board.

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