Sendpulse SMS Service Review

A lot of email marketing services provide businesses with their help while communicating with the customers. There is no doubt that each service has its own advantages which make it stand out among others. The main criteria, taken into account while comparing such services are available communication channels, presence or absence of free plans, prices, reputation as a sender and the work of technical support. UniSender, MailChimp, Mailigen, SendPulse are the most popular and widely used email marketing services.

SendPulse is an integrated messaging platform, that uses 3 channels of communication together to reach out to the customers better. These channels are email, SMS, web push notifications.

SendPulse introduced unique functionality that can increase your email open rates and customers’ engagement, and this is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Now it is possible to send an email at the optimal for the recipient time. This feature is realized due to the analysis of customers’ behavior on the website and previous purchases. Besides, you can resend unread messages, changing the subject line and the channel of communication. Of course, personalization and segmentation are available. Thus, you will improve the most important metrics: open rates, click-throughs, conversions.

SendPulse offers the following options:

  • Create SMS, email and web push campaigns, enjoying the free plans. Web push notifications are always free;
  • Save your time with the automated series of emails;
  • A great deal of beautiful email templates for different occasions will make communication with your customers easier;
  • Statistics and analytics after each campaign are available;
  • A/B testing will help you to optimize your work and improve the results;
  • You can increase your metrics with the help of responsive design that adapts your emails to the mobile phones;
  • Get bonuses with the referral program;
  • Technical support is at your service around the clock.

All these features will help you get much more ROI.

It is extremely easy to create SMS campaigns in SendPulse. Besides, there 10 free messages for you.

On your dashboard choose «Send SMS».

Add your company’s name, text (1 SMS comprises 124 symbols), telephone numbers and there are 2 options: to upload manually or import from another service.

SMS sending

You can send SMS immediately or at the specified time. For the 2nd variant choose « Start sending SMS at» and set the date. Also, with the help of preview, you can find out the way, SMS will be displayed on your customers’ phones. After that, click «Send».

sendpulse SMS received

You can send SMS in the accordance with a predefined schedule. Just write the text, upload the recipients list and set the date in the scheduler. You can delay SMS sending and distribute over time in case you have a large number of recipients.

So, SendPulse is constantly investing in advanced technologies for you to improve your work, get more conversions and ROI. Its functionality restrictions are the least and the number of free plans are the largest in comparison with competitors. This email marketing service was considered to be one of the best startups of 2016 by The Next Web.

Bring your business to new heights with SendPulse!

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