Which Email Market Tool To Choose? GetResponse Or AWeber


Even in the days of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, there is no better way to contact your consumer than send him/her an email. While a Facebook post may be lost in the sea of information and Tweets are sent out in millions every hour, an email manages to connect with your audience when it matters the most, when he is paying attention and not scrolling his live feed. This is why even with the rise of social media; email marketing is still an important tool for marketing. While there are many email marketing services out there, today we will compare GetResponse with Aweber, two of the most promising email marketing tools available in the market today.

GetResponse Vs Aweber: Which one is better?


To begin, we will start looking at the features that these two tools have to offer. GetResponse comes with a great form builder that helps you start creating your emails in the simplest manner possible. Choose from 500+ templates and you can embed these forms on Facebook, websites, blog etc. with equal ease. Aweber, too, has a great form builder that lets you create response forms that work well on all devices. Just that although you do not need to know code, you need a little developer acumen to understand and work with Aweber.

Coming to the email itself, GetResponse lets you create responsive emails without any hassle. The designs have been shown to work on all devices extremely well and you can simply up your conversion scores with GetResponse. This feature works great for bloggers who like to promote their products through emails. Aweber’s email designer is a simple drag and drop editor that lets you choose from thousands of images, choose between plaint text and HTML options and you can send professional looking emails with ease. The question is what do you prefer, responsive or static emails?


A unique feature of GetResponse is the landing page creator that lets you custom build landing page for each campaign that you run upon. Once again, you need no coding skills but still GetResponse will let you create video pages, squeeze pages, sales pages etc. and treat your visitors to fresh ideas every time they click and visit.

Features: What’s On Offer?

GetResponse comes with a great feature called Autoresponders 2.0. Automated replies to enquiries are quite common feature of email marketing services but with Autoresponders 2.0, GetResponse has actually taken this feature to an entirely new level altogether. Not only can you set up follow up cycles using this feature, you can also participate in 1 to 1 communication with your client. Just imagine how wonderful your client will feel, when you send him/her an email for his birthday or anniversary, all thanks to Autoresponder 2.0 that works, day or night, whether you are on a vacation or focussing on other tasks. Messages can now be sorted by time or even on the basis of action taken by your subscribers, all features exclusively available with GetResponse.

As a business owner you will agree that not all customers are the same and you cannot treat all of the alike. All have their preferences when it comes to buying or even being spoken to and that is why you can’t just email them as and when you like. Rather than trying out something and waiting to see if it delivers results that you desire, you can simply use the A/B testing and run campaigns to find out what your customers really like. Try out different subject lines, different buttons for CTA, different days or time slots to send your email, just anything you want with A/B testing.


The Email Creator is a drag and drop editor that you have probably never seen before. With loads and loads of email templates and editing options, you can come up with a unique email every time you use it. With choices of colours, fonts, social media buttons, editing photos, you can just let your imagination run wild with this Creator and capture the attention of your customer every time.

List Booster is your sure shot way to ensure that all your clients know about every email you send out every time. With just a few clicks, you can import your entire list of subscribers from any email, whether it is Gmail or Salesforce or Highrise into your campaign and ensure that all your loyal subscribers get to know about the creative emails you are sending out using GetResponse. And just in case, you are not sure how your email will look with different people using different email clients, you have the Inbox Preview feature that lets you get a sneak preview of the email on different email clients before you send them out. So, hit the Publish button, only after you are completely convinced that your email is going to look great on all email clients.

What’s EXTRA More On Offer? Pricing And Final Notes

Moving to the technology and the feel of using the tool, we found that GetResponse is more user friendly and has managed to get the functionality of the site just right. Aweber appears rather clunky and although they might have a lot to offer to their users, the site seems to be made unenthusiastically. Their emphasis of integrating their services with various apps is a great step, but does it really entice users like you and me? Besides, for any help regarding GetResponse there are GR blogs, GR University and even GR TV to help you out. On the other hand, you are likely to be stuck in the queue for customer service, when you need help with Aweber.


Luckily for users, both Aweber and GetResponse offer a free 30 day trial to get users started. One point to note is that while Aweber requires you submit your credit card information while signing up for this free trial, GetResponse has no such condition. Aweber follows a minimum pricing plan on a monthly/ quarterly/ annual basis over which users pay a subscriber price depending on the number of subscribers. GetResponse, on the other hand, follows a flat rate fee, which is segmented on the basis of number of users and there are no additional charges what so ever. Students can get a better deal with Aweber since they run student discounts for the monthly billing cycle. However, for all other users, GetResponse is the service that is less expensive to use.


Overall, GetResponse is a great email marketing tool that offers a broad range of features that are not only unique but also easy to work with. You need absolutely no coding skills what so ever to get the best emails out, only when you use GetResponse. The wonderful design of the tool and the smooth functionality of its features make for a great user experience for you and also the recipient of your emails. The best part of all this is that using the tool does not pinch your pocket so much, so you are getting great value for your money. Considering its unique features and ease of use, it is definitely the product we would recommend to spear head your email marketing. With this sorted out, you can concentrate on things that really matter, connecting with your customers through these emails.

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