Segway Moms are the new Soccer Moms


Spotted in Seattle, this ingenious woman pushes her baby stroller while cruising around on her Segway. Talk about laziness. And by the looks of her, she could afford to work some of that junk in her trunk off.

That can’t be safe for the kid either. One foul curve on a hill, and that baby goes squish. She wins the lazy bitch of the year award. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. You know how about nice comments or are all of your comments undignified slander? Maybe it isnt lazy thats bothering you (someone obviously sitting infront of a computer, but that she looks wealther than you that has really got you buggin?
    Hope you have a nicer day than the one you were having this day.:)

  2. @segfiend: I don’t respect some stupid bitch who puts their child in jeopardy because they are too lazy to walk their asses through the street.

  3. @ Andrew:I see vulgarity suits you best for what ever ails you, how effective has this been for you?
    No response needed Andrew.

  4. @segfiend: What are you even talking about? How effective has what been? The point is, this is NOT how a Segway is supposed to be used. It is plain dangerous. A lady is pushing an infant on a PERSONAL, meaning one person, mobility device.

    Would you push your child (assuming you had one or have one) when you’re on a Segway? What would happen if she were to lose grip going down a decline? Does it not make her lazy that she is putting her child at risk so she doesn’t have to walk?

  5. I agree with Andrew. She’s being lazy and irresponsible with that child.

    Gene pool definitely needs some chlorine.

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