Segatoys Dream Cat Smile looks purr-fect


Ok, first off, if you ever see a headline this adorable on the site again, please take us out of our misery. Secondly, Segatoys presents its Dream Cat Smile, the most realistic robo-kitty we’ve ever seen. Dream Cat does pretty much everything a real cat does except shit on your stuff, eat food, or drop allergic reaction-causing dander throughout your home.

Having a kitty allergy myself, I’ll be the first to admit that Dream Cat Smile looks pretty attractive to people who get the sniffles when around cats. It’s be even cooler if it was programmed to try and eat the Segatoys Dream Chick. Available now for $120, straight from Japan. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. We bought a Robokitty Dream Cat on Amazon but it did not come with the box or instructions. How do you get it to activae and do the five motions advertized? Thanks.

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