It is necessary to limit ‘screen-time’ so that the child grows as a healthy adult; says WHO

Screens are everywhere today; they are a part of our day to day life and unavoidable. Hence your child will have exposure to screen. However, too much exposure can have severe effects on their health.  

According to World Health Organization, a United Nations agency, kids under the age of 1 should not have exposure to screens at all, and those between the ages of two to four should have a screen time limit. The limiting and eliminating Ipad and smartphones access means that they will get the right amount of sleep and activity. It is only this way that they will grow as healthy adults rather than obese and lazy ones. 

screen time

The alternative to screen should be the kids getting involved in physical and mind-challenging activities. They should have an excellent face to face interaction with their parents. 

However, this is not as easy as it seems parents have a busy schedule and cannot monitor their children all the time. When they aren’t monitored or entertained, little ones are found with screens in their hands. 

Now eliminating devices is not the solution as there are good things the children can learn from online videos, websites, and games. 

What the parents can do in this situation is give the child a device but put a screen- time limit on that device. This way, they can ensure that the child does not use the phone for more than the time limit they have set for them. 

Parents can use parental control applications like FamiSafe, which helps them put an automatic screen time limit on their child’s device using their own. 

Parents can not only set a screen time limit but also monitor the kid’s activity on the screen. Moreover, they can block apps off the screen, which they feel is unsuitable for the young on to have access to.   

Why FamiSafe? 

It is the best parental app available on the play store, apple store, and the official WonderShare website. 

It has an abundance of features with which it becomes the little ones, virtual guardian, whenever they are using the screen, when they are not in the house and when they access the World Wide Web. 

Here are some of its amazing features 

  • Website filtering: The internet is full of content, but a large part of it is not suitable for children. The FamiSafe app helps to filter the material; all website that has content PG 13+ is filtered and blocked. 
  • Location monitoring: The app will monitor the location of the child at all times.  Parents can check at any time where they are. 
  • Blocking apps: Gaming apps are addictive and often harmful too. Using this app, the apps which the parents don’t feel their child using can be easily blocked. 
  • Monitor Suspicious text: The teenagers using social media can easily be bullied or lured by online predators. The app monitors the texts receive or sent, and if there is anything suspicious, it will alert the parents. 

The app is user friendly; however, if someone is unable to find their way around, there are many guides on FamiSafe from which they can learn. 

For instance, if they need to know how to check screen-time on iPhone, they can easily access the FamiSafe guide. 

With researches from AAP and warnings from WHO about harms of excessive screen-time – this issue is more real than ever. Instead of ignoring this, parents should address this in the best way possible because when the damage is done, it will be irreversible.

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