5 Tips to Stay Healthy While Gaming

Gaming is one of the favorite pastimes in the modern world. The global video game industry will grow to $90 billion by 2020 which highlights the growing interest in this activity. In 2018 alone, n2018, the Dutch video games industry raked in roughly $1 billion Euros.  This constitutes all variety of gaming on apps and browsers, PC and console gaming, and the ad spend in video games.


Advances in technology have made it easier for players to access the latest gaming products more easily. There are more companies developing gaming hardware, software, and merchandise. They have boosted interest in gaming across the globe.  The smartphone revolution has also made it easier to play on the go.

Steps to Healthy Gaming

While gaming has multiple cognitive benefits, there are also health risks that players should avoid. These include sleep deprivation, weight problems, muscle pain, aggressive behavior, seizures, and attention problems among others.

However, you can protect yourself by proactively taking steps towards healthy gaming. Below are some of the things you should consider to continue gaming safely.

1.       Change to Healthy Snacks and Avoid Junk Food

Junk is the staple of gamers and while this seems like the easy way out, it is also detrimental to your health. Junk food is high in sugar and fat and now that gaming doesn’t require physical activities, this poses a big health risk. It could lead to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart problems and there’s a big risk of growing overweight and obesity. 

You should avoid junk and instead change to healthy snacks such as cheerios, healthy popcorn, dark chocolate, frozen grapes, celery, string cheese, mixed nuts and dried fruit, and other fresh, low-fat high-protein snacks.

2.       Hydration

Water is crucial for your body’s optimal performance. When playing games, it is easy to forget all about water until you get thirst pains. Make sure you have a bottle of water close to you all the time. Water transports acidic waste away from your cells.

A drop in water levels in the body causes loss of energy and you might end up losing focus. While many gamers use coffee and fizzy drinks to hydrate, these can be counterproductive. Water is safer and you will always feel fit when playing.

3.       Take Breaks

When engrossed in a game, it is hard to leave your console but this is the only way to remain healthy. Taking breaks helps both body and mind to reenergize and you will come back feeling better. During the break, you can clean up, eat a sandwich, take a nap or walk around the house go outside for fresh air.

4.       Exercise

The best way to stay in shape when playing games is by exercising. It helps keep you fit and also boost your brain function. When playing at an online casino such as Casino Winner, for instance, you have to take time off the table and relax.

The best way to relax in between games is through jogging, running around the block, yoga, lifting weights or other exercise routines. Whatever type of game you love, make sure you incorporate some workout routine into your schedule. It relaxes muscles and boosts your concentration.

5.       Practice Good Posture

Many gamers complain of back and neck pain after a long period of playing. The right posture can avoid these problems. You should always sit upright and avoid slouching on the seat. You should also slightly tilt your chin downwards and avoid getting too close to the screen.

Wrapping Up

Love gaming? If so, you have to protect yourself through healthy gaming. It entails eating right, exercising, right posture and hydration. These techniques keep you fit and also boost your productivity

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