The 4 Scariest Stories About Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is turning into one of the world’s most dangerous places to live in. Although the population is quite sparse (less than 500 people), around 4,000,000 people visit this place every year. It is popular for the supervolcano that erupted about two million years ago. Although in recent years the volcano does not seem to show signs of eruption, researchers are sure that things are about to change in the near future.

Here Are the 4 Scariest Stories About Yellowstone National Park

1) Haunted Hotels

A hotel by the name Snow Lodge in the Yellowstone National Park is believed to be haunted. This hotel was built in the year 2000. While most haunted hotels or houses are old and abandoned, such is not the case with Snow Lodge. A woman staying here had reported to the hotel authorities about witnessing a female ghost lying on her bed. Since then this hotel is considered haunted.

2) The Native American Ghost

In 1870, a group of explorers was searching for gold in a Canyon near Yellowstone. While they did their job, they left their horses at the base of the cliff. It is believed that a herd of Native American men stole the horses and ran towards the Lower Falls of Yellowstone. After being chased by the explorers they fell into the water and submerged. The place is thought to be haunted by their spirits. 

3) The Stevenson Island Ghost

Another story published by the American folklore says that an employee was asked to examine the shipwrecked E.C. Waters in Stevenson Island. There was a party the last night and the supervisor wanted to make sure that everything was fine as most they were drinking alcohol the whole night. 

When the employee reached the location, he saw unreal things like beer bottles floating in the water, a large man appearing from the river and also a brown-eyed dead body with a blue-white face. 

4) Acid Bath Death

In 2016 a Man (who at the time was with his daughter) died while Hot Potting near a volcano zone. The reports of their death were in the news but no one except the cops knew the real story. 

KULR-8, a local news station exercised its rights to know the truth by filing the Freedom of Information Act request. The report states that the man fell into a small acidic pond while looking for a place to Hot Pot. This incident is popularly remembered as the Acid Bath Death.


Nothing can keep people from coming up with scary (and sometimes creepy) stories about ghosts, bigfoots and other strange animals. Some seem very true while there are plenty of made-up legends just to scare you. 

Also, if the yellowstone supervolcano itself erupts, chances are it will consume 70 percent of Earth’s resources– killing more than half the population. Hence, there are plenty of reasons to believe in these stories.

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