Yellowstone Supervolcano is Larger than Previously Thought

The underground supervolcano located under Yellowstone National Park is kind of a big deal. It hasn’t erupted in some 600,000 years, but the next time it does… well, let’s just say the United States of America isn’t going to be all that awesome anymore. It’s widely assumed that the Yellowstone Supervolcano will be one of those events that has an impact on the entire world.

So you can imagine how overjoyed people will be to know that the magma plume that will fuel said supervolcano is larger than previously thought.

The plume was measured using geoelectric imagery, which shows that the plume stretches some 400 miles across and some 200 miles deep. Of course, this will hardly matter when this thing does explode, but that (hopefully) won’t be for a long, long while.


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