Scan Toaster Puts Boobs On Your Toast

A company named Electrolux has come up with a concept scanner that is supposed to hook up to your toaster via USB. You pop in a design, scan it and then “print out” toast with your design on it, without the need for a breadboard. Before you totally dismiss the idea, realize that you would have the ability to print out a loaf of Mother Teresa toast that would sell for plenty on eBay. If you’re not a scam artist, you could just scan your dick and give your girl dick toast for breakfast. Problems of the world: Solved.

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  1. Production should start with a model that can be used by hotels, large chains, etc. Program an ad, message via computer from the home office and put it out on plates. Good commercial application.

  2. Yes, a great tool for good … or evil. Glad you got a kick out of it.

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