Savit Micro portable hard drives keep out your pesky housemates

savit micro datamore v2 fpr

Passwords are getting so old. Aren’t you sick and tired of trying to remember what the passwords are for that account you created last year, but are only now getting around to using it? And last year you had a couple different passwords, but you cant remember whether which password from last year it was. Well, the Savit Micro DataMore V2 FPR won’t help you remember your Gmail password, but it does use your fingerprint to safeguard all of your goods on a nice little hard drive. While there is no word on capacity, it has been reported to support up to 480Mbps data transmission speed. Also nice, it comes in an aluminum case for efficient heat transfer; those 2.5-inchers do run hotter than the 1.8-incher in your MP3 player. It connects to your PC via USB, and it has an independent power switch, meaning it isn’t turned on by your computer. Why is this nice? Because it won’t kill the drive if you have a power surge. It will be coming out in two models: the VPR & the eSATA. The difference between the two is probably capacity related, but nothing official.

savit micro datamore v2 fpr

savit micro datamore v2 fpr

Nik Gomez

Savit Micro presents data storage with finger identification access control [GizmoWatch]

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