Samsung SPH-B5800 gets you there quick

samsung sph-b5800

With more cars being put on the road daily (and even worse drivers…if that’s possible), you’ve got to expect more traffic. More traffic calls for alternative routes. How to you determine whether you need a new route? The Samsung SPH-B5800 lives to serve. With it’s T-DMB TV technology with real time traffic information, you’ll never have to wait in traffic again. Traffic conditions are updated every 5 minutes, in which the phone displays whether the conditions are cleared, sluggish, or congested, and depending on the condition, produces an optimized route to your destination. Why should you wait five extra minutes to rent a movie? For media junkies of the group, the phone features an MP3 function, a 2 megapixel camera, 330,000 word dictionary, and file reader. With all that distraction it’s a wonder you’re not late already! — Andrew Dobrow

Samsung SPH-B5800 with TPEG traffic information [I4U News]

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