Roulette Online Casino: Overview of the Game

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Roulette online casinos are not different from their real counterparts, so you can play them and be sure that the game is fair. The game is loved by all — both beginners and professionals. Roulette is a popular game, which can be found in any casino. The rules aren’t difficult, so anyone can easily master them. The game is more of chance, but its speed and excitement attracts many players. The popularity of roulette is due to the fact that everyone can win money. You do not need to have special abilities and skills. 

History of Creation

The game’s name comes from French and means “small wheel,” which accurately describes the main elements of this type of gambling entertainment. There were games with elements similar to modern roulette in ancient Rome, Greece, France, and China in ancient times. 

In the 17th century, Roulette was invented by French mathematician Blaise Pascal. The name of this great inventor and scientist is associated with many discoveries that are so important for humankind. He made significant contributions to medicine, physics, mathematics, etc. Later, Pascal began to study perpetual motion machines and created a perpetual motion wheel device. However, he did not achieve his goal – but this was how roulette appeared!

As soon as it gained popularity in France, it spread throughout Europe. At first, it was played only in elite circles – aristocrats and wealthy people could afford it. In those days, roulette was considered entertainment for people of higher society, and they would play only in casinos.

Rules of the Game

In roulette, each player decides how much to bet and places their bets on one or more numbers, hoping that their chosen numbers will come up. To ensure you play safe and enjoy your game, deep in depth guide about $2 minimum deposit casino. The wheel is spinned by a dealer who then tosses the ball in the ring, hoping to land on one of the numbered pockets. If that happens, all players who have placed bets on that number win.

How to Play

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Roulette is played with a large wheel and a ball. The wheel spun in one direction while the dealer spins the ball in the opposite direction. The ball lands in one of 37 or 38 pockets on the wheel. The number of pockets will depend on whether you are playing American roulette or European roulette.

There are 37 possible outcomes in European Roulette and 38 in American, so your odds of winning are just over 1/38. If you guess right, you’ll get paid out at 35-1 odds, but there are also other types of bets you can make. For example: betting on black or red, odd or even, high or low. These have 1/2 odds and payout at even money (1 to 1).

On the roulette table, each type of bet covers different numbers. Bets are placed on single or groups of numbers, red or black colors, or even odds versus evens bets. When placing your bet, simply place your chips on the number or group you want to bet on, then spin the wheel and see where it lands! If you win, you will be paid out according to your bet type and how much money you bet with.

The game’s goal is to predict which slot the ball will land in after it has been spun around the wheel by the dealer. A player will bet on the number they think the ball will end up in after it settles down and then await their fate as the ball spins around, eventually landing in one of the slots. If you’re new to playing roulette online, all this might sound overwhelming, but convenient tutorials are available to help you learn how to play.

Interesting Facts About the Game

The game of luck and chance, Roulette, is a common feature in casino games. It’s easy to play, which makes it a favourite for beginners and those new to gaming. But even though it’s fun and straightforward, you’ll find that there are many things to know about this game.

  • The game’s origins are unknown, but one legend says that it was invented by French mathematician Blaise Pascal on his quest to create a perpetual motion machine.
  • Casino roulette was introduced in Paris in 1796.
  • The numbers on the American roulette wheel go up to 36, while the European roulette only goes up to 37.
  • The number itself determines the maximum bet on an inside number (such as 19)—so the maximum bet on 19 would be $19.
  • The maximum bet on an outside number (red or black) is typically double the minimum table amount.
  • The roulette wheel has no memory—past results have no impact on future outcomes because each spin is independent of all previous spins.
  • When playing online roulette, you can make bets during the day or night, 365 days per year!

Pros and Cons of Roulette

Roulette can be played online at many casinos and has its benefits and problems.


  • Convenience – You can play online roulette from home instead of wearing a suit to the casino and driving down to it, thus saving money.
  • The house edge is lower – Because there are no other players to pay out or tips for staff, the house edge is much lower.
  • Variety – Not every casino offers all versions of roulette (such as American/European). Online, you’re able to choose from a wide variety of options.


  • Some casinos are notorious for their unfair practices, such as offering odds that are slightly skewed in favour of the house or not providing the winnings to the players.
  • With online roulette, you can’t get the tactile experience of a real roulette table.


Roulette is a game of luck where a player can set the odds in their favour with a bit of knowledge. If you want to develop a strategy, learn the house edge, practice your bets and strategise, you should play roulette online in a reputable casino.

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