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It’s no baloney. It ain’t no phony. Learning from the cult success of the song Banana Phone, LG presents its LG-SV280. This banana shaped slider phone features silky smooth looks and a sleek design, shaped aptly like John Cleese’s head (compare the two we swear it’s true). This marks the first time LG has created a fruit-cellphone hybrid.

Measuring in at a cool 101.4 x 48 x 23.8 cm, it’s definitly not the smallest phone on the market, but come on, it’s shaped like a banana people! The LG-SV280 will also feature a 1.3 megapixel camera with 142 MB of memory and deliciousness. Its 2″ 262k color TFT LCD screen should provide a crystal clear picture to show off to your banana enthusiast friends. When you receive a message, not only will you get the normal ring or vibe notification, but the banana colored lights will illuminate as well. The Banana Phone will be available in June 2007. We know we’ve said it a lot in this post, but just for good measure, BANANA. — Andrew Dobrow


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