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Really Small Nokia 5200 Toy

Featuring full slide action, this very miniature Nokia 5200 toy is small enough to get lost among the coins in your pocket, yet still resembles the slider phone. Did we mention it can slide despite its size? It can actually slide! Oh, and it also features an image of a kitty on the screen. Pst, Pst, here kitty kitty. — ...

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Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, Banana Phone

It’s no baloney. It ain’t no phony. Learning from the cult success of the song Banana Phone, LG presents its LG-SV280. This banana shaped slider phone features silky smooth looks and a sleek design, shaped aptly like John Cleese’s head (compare the two we swear it’s true). This marks the first time LG has created a fruit-cellphone hybrid. Measuring in ...

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