Richard Mille’s Planetarium-Tellurium Is Exremely Complicated


If there was ever a perfect blend of design, science, and technology to be found in a single device, Richard Mille’s Planetarium-Tellurium would be it. Ten years in the making, the Planetarium-Tellurium is, at its core, a small model that illustrates the movement of the planets (and other astronomic occurrences) in our solar system with a ridiculous degree of accuracy. However, Richard Mille’s model goes a step further with the addition of a perpetual calendar with a d�tente chronometer escapement — “making it the most accurate clockwork planetariumtellurium of its kind.”

What’s more is that the device was designed for ease of use – so even someone completely ignorant of the math and science involved in its development (someone like myself) could operate it.

For those of you hoping that Mille’s Planetarium-Tellurium might actually be available for purchase, you may be in luck. The end of the article in the link below discusses “after-sales service” and a “3 year guarantee” on the device. So we may see these up for sale sometime in the near future. Just don’t expect to be able to afford one.

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