SkyScout Personal Planetarium takes you to the stars


Planetariums bring back memories of elementary school field trips when we would reach the astrology lesson of the class. All 100 or so of us kids would pack into the old yellow school buses and be whisked off to an intergalactic trip to the stars. The SkyScout Personal Planetarium allows for us to take that trip again, right in the comfort of our own homes. Of course, with a twist of tech added in.

Using GPS technology, the SkyScout can locate and identify almost any visible celestial body. With just a click of a button or two, the SkyScout gives you information for whatever stars or planets you might see in the night sky. If you want to locate a certain object, such as Jupiter or maybe even the International Space Station, the SkyScout leads the way to find it in the sky. Its massive database includes a catalog of over 6,000 celestial objects, with audio and text descriptions included for an educational walk through of the cosmos. Available for $399. — Andrew Dobrow

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