Revolutionizing Gaming Manuals With the XBox One!

With the launch of the XBox One coming closer there are a plethora of stories and headlines featuring the new console. Today one headline in particular caught our attention however, the way that the XBox One is revolutionizing gaming manuals.

XBox One Live Help

Anyone who develops a game for the XBox One console is required to now submit their information to Game Help, a gaming function created by Microsoft. The XBox One Help function pulls the flat data from gaming manuals and brings it to life through the computer screen by providing live in game help that provides more contextual help than anything. The new help system is not only limited to games however, it is also going to be available for other functions within the console such as surfing the web.

Perhaps the coolest function of this new help system is that gamers can receive live in game help without having to pause their game and run to a manual or *cough* the internet cheat sites, for help.

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