Reusable Airbag Backpack Designed To Protect From An Avalanche!

Black Diamond has released the JetForce airbag backpack designed to protect outdoors-men from avalanches in a reusable and compact unit.

Airbag Backpack

The new JetForce backpack utilizes a fan, rather than the compressed air that drives other types of airbags which not only allows for users to practice with this reusable airbag backpack, but it also makes the JetForce an affordable and reusable option for outdoors-men. Rather than compressed air driven airbags, the JetForce backpack inflates more slowly, taking nine seconds to fully inflate and it utilizes a battery powered fan to inflate the airbag itself. This means that rather than compressed air powered airbags, these fan driven airbags can be reused.

Once the JetForce backpack has been activated, the fan inside will alternate between half and full power so that the airbag itself remains inflated and it can also keep up with tears as large as six inches long so long as the fan still runs. Assuming there are no tears however, after two minutes of alternating between full and half power the fan will turn itself on only when needed to maintain volume and pressure within the bag itself.

An additional perk to the JetForce backpack is that once it is fully charged it can actually be utilized four times before being charged again – although it’s worth keeping an eye on the LED battery charge light just to make sure!

So just how much are you looking at shelling out for the JetForce backpack? Well, a little over $1,000 but considering that it has the potential to save your life it seems more than worth it to us!

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