Reasons why WordPress plugins are best to optimize your Website

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In recent times, WordPress has become the most common platform to build and host websites, especially for small and medium businesses. Around 29% of the world’s websites run on WordPress platform. There is a simple reason behind this popularity and that is the abundance of plugins and tools available on a website to optimize your website in the best ways possible. WordPress gives you an array of tools and plugins to keep your SEO’s in check and make the website SEO in a friendly way. Here are the top reasons why WordPress plugins are best to use while optimizing your website:-

1. Editable Permalinks

You can easily edit the permalinks on your WordPress dashboard and it can be easily done just by opening the settings and giving the links whatever format that you want. If you format your link in the percentage style like… Then it becomes easy for the search engine to read what your page is all about and hence that helps in a higher SEO ranking.

2. SEO optimized images

Images are always vital to make the content of your website interesting and give it a higher SEO ranking, But for SEO ranking, high-quality images are required and WordPress gives you the maximum exposure that you need to optimize your images. You can go and add an alternate text box and fill the description of the image, change the resolution and size of the image and can even do editing in some cases. All in all, this makes the site faster and more user experience friendly which gives it a higher SEO ranking.

3. Mobile Optimization

In today’s world where most of the internet traffic goes through mobile phones, building a mobile phone friendly site is a necessity. If you use WordPress, there is nothing to worry about because most of the themes and the templates of WordPress sites are already mobile phone friendly. It even lets you see the preview even when you are working on PC and ensures that the mobile applications and websites are running smoothly even on tablets and mobiles.

4. Social Media Integration

In this age of the Internet and Social Media, not being able to connect to your consumer audience through the way of Social Media is like committing suicide even before starting with your business. If you engage people by the way of social media, your rankings will be higher and your site will get more clicks and views which will benefit your company at last. You can install and choose from hundreds of WordPress plugins that will do work from sharing your post on your social media handles to even help you run your social media campaigns.

5. Site Speed

The speed of your site is not a ranking factor but the speed at which your site loads matters for an overall user experience because you don’t want a user to wait while your site is loading. For those using WordPress, site speed should not be a problem because there are many fast loading themes and plugins specifically made for the purpose.

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