Put Your Kids On An Electronic Leash With The FiLip!

Gone are the days of putting kids on physical leashes (okay, not really, we still think they’re great,) now you can put your kids on an electronic leash with the new FiLip!

FiLipThe FiLip is actually a smart watch that also serves as a locator for kids. This piece will be an exclusive to ATT. Unlike many other smart watches the FiLip is quite limited in functionality since it is targeted towards a much younger market. As well as serving as a tracker for children wearing it, the FiLip also features the ability for parents to set a whitelist of numbers that can call the device, GPS tracking of the piece, the ability to send texts to the device and parents can also set a parameter referred to as a “Safe Zone” to ensure that children stay within a “safe” area.

There is no specific release date for the FiLip nor estimated cost, but according to ATT this device will be released in “coming months.”

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