Precise Vegetable Cutter: An afro pick for your nappy-headed onions and tomate-hos


This kitchen gizmo might look like something that was worn in your parents afro’s circa 1967, but it actually has more of a purpose than showing how thick your fro is. The Precise Onion Cutter stabs into the onion to provide a track for your knife as it slides into the emotion churning vegetable.

The cutter is also usable with tomatoes, making sure your slices are even and clean. Even if the onion makes your bawl your eyes out, the slices shall be smooth. Available now for $8. Stock is low so hurry. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. This must be the greatest Blog Title in Internet History. Thank you for the Link Love 😉

  2. That Title is soooo funny. For REAL!

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