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As I read a review of Postino, a smirk appeared on my face. This is exactly the kind of killer app I love to discover. You head over to the App Store and download the Postino 1.0 app for free. Then, you pick a photo you took and add a frame, text and whatever doo-dads you please. Next, you can choose who to send it to. Postino has a great business model here, charging a flat rate of $1.99 to send a postcard anywhere in the world. Additionally, e-cards are also an option. So the next time you’re on a far away vacation with your iPhone, there’s simply no excuse for not sending a postcard.


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  1. Postino is nice, but PicCard is much simpler/cheaper….its really worth looking at

  2. Thanks, Andres. I’ll have to check it out!

  3. As there are dozens of postcard application,
    a few days ago another postcard app was released, but this one actually achieves what all the others can just dream about.
    RealPostcard app actually gives you a full postcard experience. Based on advanced steganography (the art of data hiding), this app uses an ordinary JPG photo to be the host of the postcard message. By this you achieve a fully digital postcard with two sides which you can flip using your fingers.

    This is really one of a kind.
    Most recommended.

  4. I think fCards is by far the best, most stylish iPhone postcard App – take a look:

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