Police fight back with vibrating glove, also automatically hand bakes donuts


Police officers will be happy to see the creation of the Roboglove, a high tech glove that can detect whether an assailant is carrying a hidden weapon. With the point of a finger or the caress of a body (this is cops we’re talking about and not the porno industry, right?) the gloves can detect whether a subject has a gun, knife and other metal objects.

The Kevlar enforced glove, the same material body armor is produced with, vibrates to alert the officer if something is awry. Police in Merseyside in the UK are already testing out the Roboglove, which for $200 a piece, is supposed to work superior to handheld metal detectors. Expect to eventually see something like this in secure buildings and airports as well. — Andrew Dobrow

New high-tech ‘robogloves’ help detect illicit guns [The Daily Mail]

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