Pointless Desktop Companion? Where do I sign!?

Chatterbots Ahoy!

WowWee, the company responsible for creating the “desktop companions”, ChatterBots, has just released its latest model. What special new features does the latest model possess, you ask? Absolutely nothing! It’s a desktop companion, so what did you expect!? For fifty bucks, this atrocious piece of shit will sit on your desk, taking up space you don’t have and occupying a valuable USB port. And for what? To make smart-ass comments now and then. If I wanted a blithering fool yelling in my ear while I’m on my computer, I’d certainly be able to find one for free, let alone fifty dollars.

ChatterBots come in three flavors: Angry dog sitting on a cat in a litter box, fat couch-potato fairy man, and perhaps the most cliche: a blue devil with wings (an angel-devil, mind you.) Grab yours today before they sell out!

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