PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (Experience the Battle Royale)

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, known as PUBG is the Battle Royale Online Multiplayer video game with an emphasis on shooting elements, published by PUGB Corporation. It has exciting gameplay based on the previous mods that were established by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene for other video games using the famous Battle Royale movie for inspiration and expanded into a game under the creative direction of Greene.


Battle Royale (also spelt as Battle Royal) is the video game genre that mixes the exploration, survival, and scavenging elements of the survival video game with Last Man Standing gameplay. These games challenge a large number of players from across the world, start with essential equipment, to search for advanced weapons and equipment to remove other players (opponents) while avoiding deadly traps to survive and remain the last one at the end of the game. The genre’s name is taken from the Japanese movie named as Battle Royale (2000), offering the similar theme of the Last Man Standing competition in the decreasing play zone.


Up to 100 players parachute onto an island and scavenge for equipment and weapons to eliminate other players while avoiding getting slaughtered themselves. The safe area of the map in the game shrinks in size over time, guiding surviving players into the tight areas to force encounters. The last team or player standing conquer the round.


The gameplay mainly revolves around PvP (Player versus Player) and Action elements, in which up to one hundred players battle against each other in a battle royale, a kind of massive-scale last man standing death match where players from across the globe battle to remain the last alive on the Island. In the beginning, players can select to get into the match solo, or with a team consists of four characters. The game takes place on the stranded island full of resources like weapons, equipment, and items, and more.

In the game, each match will start with players parachuting from a plane onto the map area. The flight path of the plane around the map varies with each match, requiring players to speedily determine the accurate time to eject their parachute to the ground. The player will start the game with no gear beyond customized outfit selections which don’t affect the gameplay. Once the player land on the ground, he can search buildings and other ruins to find vehicles, armour, weapons, clothing, 918kiss and other useful equipment. The items are randomly scattered throughout the map at the start of each match. During the gameplay, the player can kill other players to loot their gear and weapons and can equip them to survive longer. The player can explore the Island either from a first-person viewpoint or the third-person perspective each has its own disadvantages and advantages in combat.


The playable area of the island begins to decrease in size toward the random location in every few minutes. So, the player must struggle to find the advanced weapons, explore the environment from his selected perspective, compete against other players and kill them strategically to remain the last. During the course, map’s procedural regions are highlighted in bombed and red, posing a threat to players who stay in the area. The game rewards the players with in-game currency at the completion of each round based on how many opponents they had slaughtered, how long they survived, and how much damage they dealt with opponents. Players can use the currency to purchase crates which consist of cosmetic items for the players’ characters or weapon customization as well as upgrades.

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