Pixel jewelry makes you look high-def


We’re usually much too manly to talk about any kind of jewelry (excluding watches, of course), but for this, we have to let our balls retract back into our innards for a few minutes. When wearing this Pixel Jewelry, in comparison, your body looks like it has a seriously high-def resolution. The jewelry looks pretty badass too. Well, as badass as jewelry can look.

For each and every geek man there is a geek woman begging for a pixel necklace. At least, that’s what we always say. Wait, that’s actually the first time we’ve said that. If they had something a little manlier, I would don this stuff myself, but my balls are beginning to drop again so we have to end this post.


Andrew Dobrow


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  1. i am usually a fan of pixel things but this jewelery is gay

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