How Pitchi Videos Are Changing Lives


In a fast-paced internet world, where everybody has something to sell, it becomes hard to connect with the right audience at the right price. But you see, back then, the web was only one-way, meaning content could exist, but with no action from the reader’s side. And since there was a need to embrace user interaction, the inventors of the internet came up with web 2.0, a platform that would allow interactivity from both sides.

From this simple fact, we deduce that traders and their consumers had already begun appreciating the value of interactive selling (even though the web was only a source of information), hence two-way communication was invented over the web. Almost 5 decades down the line, sellers realise that videos could even perform better than images over the web.

So, what are we saying?

We are saying that doing business that is all transaction-based with no personal touch whatsoever is a rich ingredient for failure, especially in a world where everybody is looking to gain a competitive edge. If you can’t speak to the consumer from the bottom of your heart and influence their emotions, then you can’t possibly convince them to buy.

Secondly, if you can’t use the right channel to reach them, they won’t learn about you. As it is, the web offers various platforms for selling items. Talk about Amazon, e-bay, Alibaba and so forth. These are only great marketplaces to expose yourself to millions of potential buyers. However, challenge is, most people who make good profits here are those people who have established a brand. It simply makes sense for the consumer to buy from a well-known brand as opposed to an unfamiliar brand.


Does it Mean New Entrepreneurs with Great Ideas Can’t Find a Chance?

If selling online involves putting up list after list of items, then how could a young entrepreneur possibly succeed when everyone else is doing the usual? Should they leave everything to chance, i.e. post their items and depend on luck – that someone will notice and give them the right price for what they are selling?

That’s where Pitchi sets in. You see, the idea is to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers, in a more engaging, personalised and passionate way that transaction-based selling cannot achieve.

The tactic is very simple – Pitchi uses the idea of video pitching, to let young entrepreneurs sell their stuff to a large audience. The old adage says that pictures are worth more than 1000 words. But the new version has it that videos could be worth more than that. The fact that videos speak to buyers in a personal way, to warrant appreciation from their side is proof enough. The fact that videos evoke emotions to prompt action from the viewer’s side is another proof as well. And if videos can make you laugh to your tears, why would you hesitate to use them in your marketing efforts?

Here are a couple of Pitchi’s that I really like:

  • Cricket Cooler  which is an ingenious creation combining wickets and a mini fridge.
  • Case boards which is like a skateboard on steroids. Looks like it can replace your car maybe!


Pitchi has done it in a unique way to help sellers of all kinds stand out. All Pitchi videos are a tool to promote entrepreneurial spirit among young sellers who want to advertise their businesses. Every customer who finds a Pitchi video and buys from it will definitely have a story to tell when asked how they found that particular product.

The entrepreneurial spirit yearns to bring out its best, even when competition is stiff. But he/she only needs a better environment to defy all odds. Achieve your entrepreneurial dreams when you communicate to the world using Pitchi videos free of charge! A business transaction where both parties feel supported is the best transaction ever. Tell it to the world!

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