The Hoverkraft Levitating Construction Challenge From ThinkGeek!

If you are easily frustrated then chances are that you’re not going to fall in love with the new ThinkGeek game, Hoverkraft.


If frustration is your middle name then the chances are that you’re not going to love playing games like Tetris and Jenga, but if you like this type of game then ThinkGeek has something special up their sleeve for you. The newest game from ThinkGeek is called Hoverkraft and is a mashup of both Jenga and Tetris.

Hoverkraft utilizes 3D pieces on a gameboard that hovers! Talk about adding a whole new level of challenge! Imagine the frustration of Jenga and Tetris when throwing a hovering game board in to the mix, you lose a level of stability that you will never know you had! The hoverboard actually utilizes magnets to create a floating effect which in turn makes already precariously positioned pieces a lot less stable!

So what do players have to say about the game so far? Well, it’s short lived. According to reports, even the most skilled of players has only managed to last for five minutes in the game before the pieces come crashing down. Luckily for newcomers to the game and of course, younger players, the strength of the magnetization of the board can be reduced to make the game a little less challenging.

Source: Gizmodo

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