Pimp My Donkey

Just because you don’t have the money for a car doesn’t mean you can’t ride around your native village in style. Riding a donkey with a stereo system is sort of the third-world equivalent of driving around in a brand new Mercedes, except smellier. And I’m not sure, but I’m pretty confident that cars don’t leave behind little piles of poopy, at least not German-made cars.

If pimping your donkey is a symbol of wealth in the third world, this guy must be respected as royalty. This donkey is decked out with a six-speaker stereo system and what looks like eyes made out of lasers. Okay, I might have embellished on that last part, but I bet that’s next.


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  1. Hey thanks for the link to Art Car Central!!!!!! Pimp my Donkey is pretty funny. Actually its a mule but Pimp my mule doesn’t have the same ring.

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