Pez MP3 Player is a collector’s dream


Please excuse me if I’m gushing, but when a geeky collectible becomes mixed with another tech medium, this is time for me to praise the heavens for blessing us with all this cool shit to talk about. The Pez MP3 player has a 512 MB capacity, which is nothing to really jump for joy about, but hey, it’s a fricken Pez MP3 player!

Sadly, the first edition of the player made, which of there were only 1500 produced, have sold out at their price of $99. You bet your ass we’re going to be scouting eBay to get our hands on one of these. The player also comes pre-packed with a collection of Indie bands music, and we’re not talking The Arcade Fire. We’re talking real independant bands. Also cool is that, unlike the iPod, it plays MP3s and WMA/WMA-DRM files, but not Apple’s m4p. Bummer. — Andrew Dobrow

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