How Do I Write a Receipt for Payment: Tools that Can Be Used

A payment receipt is an important document that confirms the fact of a financial transaction. Correct and informative writing is an essential part of document management for many organizations and entrepreneurs. There are several tools and resources available to simplify this process to help you create professional-looking receipts. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Microsoft Word and Google Docs

Microsoft Word and Google Docs provide ample opportunities to create a receipt sample. You can use the built-in formatting and table functions to design it to suit your needs. These word-processing tools also enable users to save templates for later use.


  • Extensive possibilities for formatting and customization of the document.
  • Possibility to save templates for future use.
  • Integration with cloud storage for easy access.

The disadvantages include the lack of automatic dispatch and payment tracking.

Online Receipt GenerationTools 

There are many online receipt generation tools that offer convenient templates and forms to fill out. Simply enter the required information and the generating tool will automatically create a document in a format that is convenient for you. Some of them provide an opportunity to download a ready-made PDF file.


  • Easy and convenient receipt generation without special skills.
  • Automatic formatting and sum calculation.
  • Possibility to download a ready PDF file.

However, it is worth considering the limited customization options for design and structure.

In addition, some generating tools may include restrictions in the free version.

Accounting Software

Many accounting programs, such as QuickBooks, Xero, and others, provide features for generating payment receipts. You can use them to automatically create and store the samples you need, as well as record financial transactions.


  • Integration with the accounting system and automatic accounting of financial transactions.
  • High accuracy of calculations and reports.
  • Ability to automatically send receipts.


  • They require time to learn and configure the program.
  • They may require a paid license.

Specialized Online Services

There are specialized online platforms such as PandaDoc, Wave, Zoho Invoice, and many others that offer functionality for generating and sending receipts for payment. These services usually include the capability to automatically send documents to customers and track payments.


  • Professional design and functionality.
  • Capability to automatically send and track payments.
  • Access to data and documents from any location.

Keep in mind that such platforms are not always free and may require the user to pay a monthly fee.

Receipt Templates

The internet is full of free payment receipt templates in various formats such as Word, Excel, or PDF. You can download them and customize them to your needs by adding the necessary information and your company logo.


  • Free templates with a variety of designs.
  • Easily customizable to meet the needs of the company.
  • No need to create a receipt from scratch.


  • Requires independent customization and adding information.
  • Limited functionality compared to specialized tools.

If you work out of the office, many mobile apps such as Invoice2go, Square, PayPal, and others provide the capability to generate and send receipts directly from your smartphone or tablet. Before using them, however, you should understand that there may be limitations in functionality compared to full-fledged accounting software, they vary from app to app.

Criteria for Choosing the Right Tool

When choosing a receipt template tool, it is important to consider several criteria to find the best option that fits your needs:

  • Evaluate how easy it is to use the tool. If you have limited skills in generating documents, choose an option with an intuitive interface.
  • Make sure the tool you choose provides all the features you need to create a receipt, including the ability to add a logo, calculate the amount, create electronic signatures, and more.
  • Check for the availability of examples of receipts and the possibility to customize them for your brand. Attractive design can improve the experience.
  • If you already have an accounting system, check if the selected option supports integration with that system for automatic data transfer.
  • Evaluate the cost of use. Some provide free versions with limited functionality, while others require a monthly fee.
  • Pay attention to security measures such as data encryption and protection against unauthorized access.
  • If you want to automate the process of creating and sending out receipts, choose a tool with the corresponding feature.
  • Find out if the tool has functionality to track payment status. This can be useful for record keeping.
  • Make sure the tool you choose has a support team and regular updates to ensure reliable operation.
  • If it’s important for you to be able to access receipt creation from multiple locations, choose a tool with the capability to work through a web browser or mobile app.

Compare different tools based on these criteria to choose the most suitable one for your needs and tasks.

PandaDoc Features for Creating Receipts

PandaDoc offers a powerful tool for generating and managing documents, including receipts for payment. Here are a few reasons why you should consider it as a tool:

  • PandaDoc provides a wide range of possibilities to make a professional sample of receipt. You can easily customize the design to match your company’s brand, which creates a positive visual experience for your customers.
  • The interface is intuitive and easy to learn. Creation of a receipt becomes a simple task even for users without special skills.
  • PandaDoc enables you to automate the process of document generation and sending it out. This saves you time and simplifies the accounting of payments.
  • The platform supports electronic signatures, which make receipts legal documents and ensure the security of transactions.
  • PandaDoc can be integrated with many other applications, including CRM systems, accounting programs, and payment gateways, which facilitates efficient financial management.
  • All generated receipts are stored in PandaDoc. This provides easy access to the archive and the possibility to quickly find the documents you need.
  • You can use PandaDoc via mobile applications.

The platform provides a comprehensive solution for creating, sending, and managing payment receipts, improving the efficiency of business processes, and ensuring a high professional standard in the processing of financial documents.

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