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There is no question that mobile customer service is the wave of the future. Integrating the right Customer Relationship Management System into your website is essential and unavoidable. But how do you use a CRM system on your website? What is the best way to make use of your CRM system on your website? Here are a few tips to help you navigate between your CRM system and your website and why they’re important.

Capturing emails

The first and foremost way to use your CRM software on your website is to capture those precious emails that consumers are willing to give you. Your email list gives you greater access to potential customers and your website is a perfect place to offer something in exchange for that email address. Perhaps a free white paper or how to guide. More and more services websites are offering case studies in exchange for their potential clients’ email.

From search to sale and beyond

It’s projected in 2018 that 2.7 trillion US dollars will be spent online. That number jumps to almost $4.921 trillion in 2021. The statistics of e-commerce sales worldwide are staggering. According to Kibocommerce’s 2017 consumer trends report, 94% of consumers do online research before they buy. From domain name to sales page, its important make sure your business is internet searchable. So, if your website ranks high on search engines, you’ll likely have more online sales and your CRM software will be crucial to following your customer through their buying process. It’s also crucial to be able to reach out after the sale and your customer service representatives will be able to access all the relevant information to help potential customers as well as current customers with any issues.

You want your sales information now and accurate

By combining your website and CRM system, you’ll have accurate, up to date information on all your sales, search and customer behavior. You won’t have to wait for the information to come from an email sent a day later. You can log into your software and view current trends immediately. This makes it much easier to make decisions on the direction you’ll be taking in the future. Your company becomes more agile and flexible to your customer’s needs and behavior. This also reduces the chance of error from human manipulation. While most employees are as accurate as possible, errors can and do occur. You don’t want to make decisions on your business based on inaccuracies or hesitate because you’re not sure if it’s accurate.

Response time to queries is drastically improved

If you have a business that relies on giving quotes to your customer, such as a plumbing or construction business, replying to an inquiry about a quote quickly could mean the difference between getting the job and being left behind because another contractor answered faster. CRM software on your website gives you that added improvement to your response time and could increase your sales because of it.

CRM helps you profile your customers better

Because of the data collected by your CRM Software, you’re able to know where most of your sales come from, how often they’ve visited your site, and even their gender. But even more importantly, CRM software can send feedback requests about a customer’s buying experience. You’ll be able to see if your website is satisfactory for them or if there are areas of their experience on your website that need improvement. And, once again, because it’s real time feedback, you can quickly fix any issues with your website as they arise. Broken links, 404 pages and photos not matching the item will be a thing of the past. And you won’t have to rely just on the negative feedback either. Gathering positive feedback lets you know that you and your team are doing something right, so as you grow, you can continue you keep that level of service high.

CRM will help you manage customers

If your company has a special section just for members, integrating your CRM system with your membership website is important. The software will help you manage who has paid, who is utilizing the deep discounts you’re giving them, and even target those members who haven’t bought anything in a while. Even if you don’t have a membership area, segregating your customers into targeted sales funnels will help you raise your revenue. But most importantly, you’ll be able to target those who’ve bought before on your website and offer them special discounts and offers that will likely get them to buy once more.

Whether your website is for your service business or online sales, combining your CRM software with your website is a crucial step in to creating a seamless experience for your customer, easier access to accurate data for your sales team, and better follow through for your customer service representatives. In the end, you’ll be able to make better business decisions much faster and increase your revenue at the same time.

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