Panos Cube photo effect for Photoshop


Some really cool things can be done with Photoshop. Most people really don’t want to spend the money to purchase a plug-in to do something that you can supposedly do yourself. But dammit if it isn’t a whole lot easier. The Panos Cube effect from PanosFX allows Photoshop users to add pictures onto a cool looking cube graphic in 18 different varieties. 9 effects for the one picture option and 9 effects for the three picture option.

The only needed tool to create these gorgeous cubes is Photoshop CS or higher, and Adobe Reader for reading the manual. Of course, this effect can technically be done if you were to do it your self, but who wants to spend hours on someting that can take a few seconds? For $9.99 you can create cubism in a jiffy. — Andrew Dobrow

Product Page [PanosFX]

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