Panasonic IC voice recorder keeps the conversation to yourself

panasonic ic recorders

Panasonic Japan has announced today the release of 2 professional IC voice recorders that support for the first time a password security system that prevents unauthorized access to your recordings. Even when transferred to a computer, others will not be able to listen to it unless they have the program, the password or they’re using your computer at first place. Users will be locking the audio file by tying in a password using the jogdial at the side of the voice recorder. The more advaned modle US470 will also support Panasonic’s Zoom Microphone technology that diverts the voice reception towards the direction of the speaker, this works the best when you are sittng at the corner of a lecture all the way at the back, or when you are jumping behind all those tall camera men trying to record the celebrity interview done in the middle of the crowd. The battery can last up to 167hours and 40 minutes on AAA batteries. Price is between $100 and $130 depending on which model you get. — Sam Chan

Press release [Panasonic Japan]

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