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The Watch That’s Sure To Get You Some Octopussy

There’s a million watches out there that’ll make you look like James Bond but few of them feature cellphone functionality. With this phone, you’re getting all the luxuries of a decked out cellphone jam-packed in the comfort of a watch. If you’re not loving the wrist action, this watch can also be worn around the neck, though that’s not very ...

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Sony’s New Blu-ray Recorder Bribes You

If there’s one thing that’ll interest you about Sony’s third generation internal Blu-ray optical drive, the BWU-300S, it’s not the specs. So, what if it can write single and dual layer BD-R discs at up to 8X speed, or if it writes DVDs at up to 16X, CDs up to 48X and supports DVD-RAM recording. No, we don’t care about ...

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Pioneer Jams 500GB Into Blu-ray Disc

Just when you thought that the 400GB Blu-ray discs announced in early July couldn’t get any sweeter sounding, Pioneer renders it obsolete less than two months after. The standard size of a Blu-ray disc is 25 GB on a single layer and 50GB with a dual layer. Well, the fat cats at pioneer were not satisfied with even 16 layers ...

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Smallest Recorder Ever! Not Just For Espionage

If you have a job where interviewing is as common as an Obama “Hope” ad campaign and you just so happen to always have your laptop on you, you might find the Narae Recorder Mini right up your alley. Finally, a reason to get rid of that old digital recorder you’ve never used (unless it also does video.) The Narae ...

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Panasonic IC voice recorder keeps the conversation to yourself

Panasonic Japan has announced today the release of 2 professional IC voice recorders that support for the first time a password security system that prevents unauthorized access to your recordings. Even when transferred to a computer, others will not be able to listen to it unless they have the program, the password or they’re using your computer at first place. ...

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