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Leaked screens of PS3 Home, sweet home

Sony has launched their beta of the social virtual world, PS3 Home. Home seems to be a lot more serious and developed then I ever thought it would be. Some things you can do while cruising around home is interact with your PSP, play mini-games, interact with other gamers, and of course, check out the view of a whole new ...

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A duster made for a 5-year-old girl

  Child labor wasn’t what the designer had in mind, but how could that not be referenced? The Barbie doll duster looks like any other Barbie doll that might be wearing a long yellow dress. The dress on this blond is not a dress at all, but actually a feather duster. We think what they were going for was some ...

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Forget Bocci: Old-Timers turn to the Wii for family fun

The image above says it all. The line between gaming, culture, and age has been broken thanks to the Wii and its ability to draw in all crowds from every demographic. And with the Wii Sports features of bowling and table tennis, how could a senior resist? All the exercise without any of the harmful UV rays. What more could ...

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