Pac-Man Car with Gullwing Doors


I don’t recall how many Pac-Man-themed cars I might have seen in my life, but this is no doubt the coolest, even if it’s only for the totally rad gullwing doors.

Flickr user CarlaDallas took a shot of the awesome vehicle and uploaded it for your viewing pleasure. The details are scant so the owner is nowhere to be found, but damn, if this ever goes on the market, throw a call our way.

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  1. That is hot. Looks like an ’84 Olds Cutlass Supreme like the one I used to have.
    Man, I loved that car. This looks awesome.

  2. I found this pic of my car on here. I noticed you could not find the owner. I am the owner, and I have changed the car up. It is still pac man, but it looks a lil different now. Please send me a message on where to send the pics and I will send updates of when I finished it, and my new restoration of it now. Thanks E.

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