Own Every Single Issue of National Geographic

20 years ago, this would have been impossible. Home computers just didn’t have the sort of hardware needed to support such massive data. But technological advancement is a hell of a thing. Moore’s Law guides the way to a future of unlimited possibilities. But let’s focus on the present. As of now, you can own every single issue of National Geographic on your computer, from 121 years of publishing, with The Complete National Geographic. That’s a whole lot of insane photography and genius articles.

You can own all the issues on either 6 DVD-ROMs for $79.95 or you can splurge and have them all on a hard drive for $199.95. You’ll be able to search each issue and article by keyword, date, contributor and topic. A Geobrowse function, powered by Bing Maps, allows users with Internet access to search nearly 5,000 locations on a globe that are featured in the magazine’s archive of articles.

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