Flamingo’s Flock Into A Flamingo

You might be wondering if this image is real. Well, it is. National Geographic photographer Robert B. Haas took this aerial shot of flamingos flocking together in the shape of a large flamingo. Unbelievable.

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  1. cool!!!! i can’t believe its real

  2. I wonder if Flamingos often do that as a sort of “calling” to other flamingos out there?

  3. flamingotron has been activated

  4. i believe they are alien flamingos

  5. Bobby From Richmond CA

    Looks like a chicken to me!

  6. I agree.

  7. It resembles rather a duck than a flamingo. However, I realise the title wouldn’t sound as snazzy, so you had to stretch the reality, eh?

  8. I wonder what God’s purpose is in this. Perhaps it is His sense of humor.

  9. Amazing. 🙂 I love this type of wonderful, sort of unbelievable stuff.

  10. FLAminhoSH MOB…

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