Online slots: A Hobby or an Addiction?

Now, in the year 2020 there are more people spinning the reels on slot games than ever before, and this is no mere fluke either, because the overall slot industry has gone from strength to strength in recent years, slowly becoming the gambling behemoth that it is today. We wonder whether Charles D. Fey, inventor of the world’s first commercially viable slot machine, would ever be able to believe his eyes if he could be transported into the 21st Century. Not only can you find physical slot machines in casinos, bars, pubs, clubs, chip shops and even bowling alleys, but there are also thousands of slot spiele now available on this pretty mental thing we like to call the Internet. In fact, it is the online slot industry that has propelled things forward the most in the last two decades, helped on by the mobile slot surge in the 2010s as well. 

Become A Repeat Online Slot Winner

Nowadays it is almost infinitely easier to go and play on a slot machine, mainly because you can do it from pretty much anywhere in the world provided there is an adequate online connection. Moreover, the game’s available online are in the vast majority of cases far superior to what you can find in physical casino slot machine halls, with all manner of extra goodies and bonus features to explore. This has naturally led to many more gamblers trying their hand at online slots as well, something that has subsequently resulted in the amount of prize money on offer increasing at an exponential rate too. It really does seem as though there are no negatives associated with the online slot world, although on deeper inspection this isn’t always the case. Whilst for the vast majority of us online slots are a delightful hobby, for some gamblers they can pose a serious addictive risk. But where do you draw the line? Well, read ahead to find out. 

Hobby: A great way to let off steam 

There can be absolutely no denying that online slots are a hobby, even if you don’t really enjoy them. What can we define as being a hobby? Well, the Oxford Dictionary says that “a hobby is an activity that you do for pleasure in your spare time”, and in that case spinning the reels of your favourite online slot is unequivocally a hobby. And you know what? It is a great one too, for various reasons. There are loads of people out there who enjoy playing video games to let off some stream, for example, but whilst they play these games they’re not actually winning any money, are they? Not the case with online slots… 

So, not only do online slots give you a fantastic avenue to let off a bit of well-needed steam, but they can also result in you winning some money too. And is there really a better way to let off some steam than winning a large amount of money? 

Addiction: But are you able to stop? 

Okay, we’ve ascertained that online slots can certainly be called a hobby, however that definitely isn’t the end to the argument, because you do have to be careful here. For example, what happens to a hobby when you can no longer stop yourself from doing it? Even when it begins negatively affecting your life. It is at this point that many hobbies will turn into genuine addictions, and this is where you have to be very careful indeed. 

The first thing to ask yourself is – am I actually able to stop? If the answer is a reluctant yes then you are probably alright, but if you seriously find yourself unable to stop spinning those reels it seems as though what was once an innocent hobby might be taking on a slightly more sinister flavour, one that tastes of addiction.

Hobby: A nice way to earn some extra money 

What other hobbies are there that can also actively end up paying you quite a handsome amount of money? Not that many, and this is one reason why online slots can represent a really rather good hobby indeed. Of course, this fact centres around whether or not you are actually any good at online slots, although if it has become your hobby you should pick up some tips and tricks pretty quickly. 

It is funny actually, because one of the biggest decisions you can make if you want to win at online slots regularly comes right at the start of the playing session – simply choosing the right online slot can go a long way. Aim for a high RTP and make sure there are more than enough juicy bonus features! 

Addiction: Are your finances taking a toll? 

Unfortunately it is just as easy – or easier – to lose money whilst spinning those reels than it is to win some, and this is where a rather significant problem can arise. Nobody should be losing significant money from their hobby, and if you find yourself leaking funds during an online slot session you really should stop. 

But here’s the thing: for some people it is genuinely hard to stop gambling, even if it is really negatively impacting their financial situation. At this point you have to turn around and say to yourself: “this isn’t a hobby anymore, it is an addiction”. 

Hobby: Online slots can be good brain training 

People like to rage on about the negative impact that online slots can have on people, but they are very quick to forget that multiple scientific studies have actually concluded that online slots can be very good for cognitive function. There is a lot to keep track of, after all, and online slots also necessitate a lot of quick thinking and reaction speeds, so it should come as no surprise. 

The best hobbies are ones that actively better yourself as a person, and in this respect online slots can genuinely do that. Of course, it is just important you don’t slip into addiction.

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