Oki Electric Industry Co. unveils worlds smallest stereo speaker amplifier

oki ml2611 stereo amplifier

With phones and other consumer electronics getting smaller and smaller as the days progress, the hardware inside must also keep up to date. Oki Electric Industry Co. recognized this trend and so set out to make a smaller stereo speaker amplifier; they succeeded with ML2611. This single chip contains stereo-playback capable DAC (Digital Audio Converter), 3D surround functionality, and a speaker amp. The ML2611 will greatly improve sound quality in devices we care so much about, like our precious phones that we cant go 10 minutes without. At 3mm x 3.2mm, this miniscule chip will be of great help to developers trying to make consumer electronics even smaller than they are. The only problem for them is that the Oki Electric Industry Co. wont be mass-producing the ML2611 until June of 2007. Oh well, guess that means we just have to stick with the Razr for another 6 months. — Nick Rice

World’s smallest stereo amplifier hits  [The Raw Feed]

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