[UPDATE] Nokia Shareholders Abandon “Plan B”

UPDATE: As it turns out, the entire Nokia Plan B movement was a hoax, fabricated by a bored engineer.

When Nokia and Microsoft announced their partnership last week, the response from Nokia employees was less than warm. Much of the internal outrage centered around the belief that Nokia had essentially given up on their “Symbian” operating system in exchange for Windows Phone 7.

Well, these employees weren’t the only ones miffed at Nokia for their decision. A group of nine “young Nokia shareholders,” as they called themselves, started up a website to try and rally support for what could be described as a democratic coup d’�tat. Their plan, which was called Nokia Plan B, was to drum up support so that they could be voted into the Nokia Board of Directors during their Annual General Meeting in May. Once there, their plans would be to…

  • Immediate discharge of Stephen Elop from his duties as President and CEO of the company.
  • Restructure alliance with Microsoft as a tactical exercise focused primarily at the North American market.
  • MeeGo will be Nokia�s primary smartphone platform.
  • Increase the lifespan of Symbian to a minimum of 5 years.
  • Developer strategy based on Qt with primary focus on MeeGo, but providing a credible developer story for Symbian.
  • End of distributed R&D.
  • End of R&D outsourcing.
  • Leadership team shakeup.
  • Aggressively recruit young software talent from top universities.

You may have noticed that I’ve been using past-tense terminology. That’s because today the people behind Nokia Plan B have abandoned their plans, citing a lack of support from institutional investors.


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