No Touch Alarm Card keeps your wallet safe

no touch cardIt’s a problem rampant in every major city of the world: pickpocketing. When it happens to you (if it’s ever happened to you), it makes you feel like the biggest idiot because most of the time, you know when it’s gonna happen. The No Touch Alarm Card takes care of this problem by blasting out an alarm when it’s light sensor is set off. Why? Because in your pocket or purse, there is no light; light is only out in the open, where a pickpocket would move your wallet before stuffing it into their own pocket. The No Touch Alarm is the size of your average credit card, so it won’t become a hassle for you in your wallet.

So maybe walking the streets of a city isn’t your thing, but what about at work. You know that the guy across from you has creeped you out for a while. Why not stick a No Touch Alarm in your desk drawer to let everyone know that he is the one who stole your red stapler last week?

no touch card

no touch card battery

Nik Gomez

No Touch Alarm Card [via OhGizmo!]

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