Nintendo DS FM Radio Converter


The NDS Lite FM Radio Converter is a cool and compact Nintendo DS extension that adds FM radio to your gaming experience. Especially good for those moments where the game music is going to make your ears bleed. It’s easy to set up and has a blue-lit LCD screen built in to display the station number.

The FM Conterter has a frequency range if 87.5mhz-108mhz so most stations anyone wants to tune into can be heard from the comfort of your handheld console. It emits studio audio quality and doesn’t require any other battery or power source other than the power it gets from the DS itself. And it only weighs in at a light 19.5g. For a very affordable $14, it’s a cool addition. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. yea. I still don’t see the reason why they came out with this gadget.

  2. @colbert: I guess some people are still hung up over their FM radio time.

  3. i love it im getting one tommorrow!

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